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Guidance From A World Unseen



Protective Blue Bubble

Blue sky with moon aura

Written by Sunny Dawn Johnston

In times of challenge, fear, and struggle we can all use a little extra support in maintaining our own energy so that we don’t become absorbers of the negativity and pain. It is best to do this meditation each morning, before stepping out of bed, or immediately afterwards.

Begin by quieting your body and your mind. Now, visualize a sapphire-blue bubble just in front of you. It is a beautiful vibrating energy: 7 feet high and 4 feet wide. Imagine your physical body standing up and stepping into this beautiful brilliant energy. See and feel your physical self completely embraced by this energy. Now, take a deep breath and feel that energy move through your entire physical body.

As you do this, imagine this higher vibrational energy clearing out any negativity, fears or pain that no longer serve you. With each breath you take, see and feel yourself inhaling the protective blue energy, and exhaling any negativity and fear. As you do this, know that you are completely surrounded and protected from any negative energies, thoughts and feelings. Continue this visualization until you feel clear of any negativity. And so it is.

You do this to strengthen and maintain your own personal energy field—so that it continually revitalizes you throughout the day— not so much to protect yourself from another’s negative energies. Others cannot affect you without your allowance. By doing this Blue Bubble meditation, it keeps you proactive and present to the energy within and around you, in each and every day.

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Sunny Dawn Johnston

Sunny Dawn Johnston

Angels & The Afterlife

Saturday, March 13, 2021

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